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Ellen Fagan- Owner   

Hello to our DIY Grout Cleaning Friends:

Hi, I'm Ellen Fagan, Owner of DIY Cleaning Solutions- A Division of Steam Clean My Carpets, LLC. 

I started Steam Clean Clean My Carpets, LLC many years ago to provide the best cleaning experience possible for cleaning carpets.  It was not long after that, that clients asked us to do the same for tile and grout, upholstery and rugs too.

Over the years, we found there are many products and solutions that just do not work or work very poorly.  I am now developing a line of products that are what I call, "The Best of the Best Cleaning Solutions and Products."
Many times, I found that my clients wanted to try to clean their tile & grout on their own. So, they looked up "Do It Yourself Grout Cleaning Solutions" or made one up on their own. They then got a regular brush or tooth brush and got on their hands and knees while attempting the clean their tile and grout. After finding it was a whole lot of work and they were not happy with the results, they gave us a call.
You may be wondering how we do it. Well, we use professional tile and grout cleaning equipment that uses high pressure water under a dome with a professional strength tile and grout cleaning solution. You can see an example of it here in this video. This is a restaurant with ceramic tile & grout that gets very dirty fast with all the foot traffic in the restaurant. We clean it on a regular basis.   



It does a great job.  However, in this economy, we find that some of our clients want to clean their tile and grout on their own to save money. Many have asked if we had a tile and grout cleaning kit that we can offer. Well, we now do but more about that later.

Let's discuss why you came to our website. You are looking for the best grout cleaner! Well, we have tried many. We have tried acid based solutions, alkaline solutions and even the home made solutions with baking soda and vinegar and even a bleach based solution. We have found that alkaline based solutions work best and one in particular seemed to work better than the others. It is the one we are using in the video above for the restaurant. You can check it out here: Tile & Grout Cleaning Solution You can also purchase it there at our store.

One of the easiest ways to clean the tile and grout is to use a brush that is designed for tile and grout cleaning. You want stiff bristles with a V-tip to get in the grout lines and in the corners. Lastly, it should have a swivel neck to it so as to go up and down the grout lines without getting your back sore in the process. Here is the one we recommend and sell:

Grout Brush


Grout Brush with V-Tip


V-Shaped Grout Brush with swivel head- Click Here to visit our store if you would like to purchase.

Also, we sell a mop on sealant that actually is applied to the tile and grout.  It works nicely and lengthens the time until you will need to do the deep cleaning of your tile and grout again.  If you are interested, you can find it here: Tile and Grout Sealant It is also available to purchase in our store there.

So, there you have it! Thanks for coming to our website and please let us know if we can help! Good luck!

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Ellen Fagan


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